Keri NXT Controllers can have Mercury firmware embedded

Keri Systems has greatly enhanced the capability of its Doors.NET and Eclipse.NET software solutions when used with Keri’s NXT TCP/IP-based hardware by partnering with Mercury Security Corporation to embed the firmware from Mercury’s hardware platform as an option into NXT Controllers. This alliance immediately gives Keri’s product line a much broader feature set that adds value for its typical customer base, and fits high end and enterprise customers as well as specialty applications that require sophisticated custom input and output linking and other unique requirements.

“Mercury’s position as an OEM supplier, along with their quality and feature set are well known in the access control market”, says Dennis Geiszler, Vice President of Marketing at Keri Systems. “Other than the differences in system architecture between NXT and Mercury’s respective platforms, the Mercury-Powered NXT controllers are in effect a Mercury panel with almost all of their capabilities. Partnering with them brings enhanced solutions to our customers much sooner than we would have been able to provide with our own firmware development”.

“We were extremely excited to have the chance to collaborate with an industry leader like Keri Systems. Their choice to integrate Mercury’s Open technology into their NXT platform greatly enhances our global reach and reaffirms that Mercury is the industry leader in OEM access control hardware”, said Frank Gasztonyi, Mercury’s CTO and Co-Founder.

Customers can order standard NXT Controllers for Doors.NET and Eclipse.NET applications, or they can optionally order NXT controllers with the embedded Mercury firmware. Both versions can be used on the same project, with the Mercury-Powered version deployed at the locations that require the extra capability they provide.