Videotec launches new extra large camera housing

VIDEOTEC is pleased to announce the launch of the HGV, the largest camera housing of the range. The big dimensions of this housing make it suitable to contain the largest zoom lenses of the video surveillance market.

The strong construction includes a base made of aluminum casting and a top part of the body, with integrated sunshield, in robust ABS material. The wiper is integrated in the housing and it does not interfere with the viewing range of the installed camera.

The internal correct temperature is ensured by a reinforced triple heater and two continuous duty blowers for the internal air circulation. Weather proofing IP66 is guaranteed by a neoprene-rubber gasket and stainless steel screws to firmly close the housing.

For an easy access during installation and adjustment of the camera, it is possible to remove the upper part of the housing body, which is hold by a robust safety cord.

HGV housing is the ideal for outdoor applications, such fire monitoring, public safety, harbors, coast, airports, environmental and borders surveillance.