Pyronix introduces new alarm notification solutions

Pyronix is proud to announce the launch of the exciting latest generation to their popular Deltabell Range.

Our new generation introduces the Deltabell X, which has the same great features as the existing Deltabell E plus an enhanced twin piezo sounder; and the Deltabell X Lightbox which provides superior illumination to the front of the Deltabell X. We have developed these products following customer research and feedback.

More Light - Inspired by the popular Deltabell Plus, the Deltabell X Lightbox is a superior lightbox which illuminates the front cover on the sounder, a truly innovative (patent pending) external deterrent that is the premium product in its class.

Furthermore, the illuminated cover will strobe when the alarm is activated, giving property owners the added peace of mind that the Deltabell X Lightbox can be seen in ‘alarm mode’ from a much greater distance than standard sounders without back lighting facilities.

More Noise - To compliment the enhanced visual deterrent provided by the Deltabell X Lightbox, the Deltabell X boasts twin piezo sounders, which provide property owners with an even greater audible deterrent.

For more information on the new Pyronix Deltabell X and Deltabell X Lightbox please visit our website or contact Tris Young on 01709 535211 or