HID Global expands multiCLASS product line

Company introduces two new keypad models

IRVINE, Calif., Apr 20, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- HID Global, a trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today announced additions to the company's versatile multiCLASS reader line that enhance flexibility while accelerating the cost-effective, secure and truly seamless migration from magnetic stripe (magstripe) and proximity card technology to secure iCLASS contactless smart cards.

HID Global's new offerings extend the company's market-leading, multi-technology multiCLASS product line, to include solutions that provide a migration path from legacy magstripe and 125 kHz technologies to higher security 13.56 MHz smart cards, with no operational disruption. The new additions to the multiCLASS family include two keypad models; the RMK40 which offers Magstripe to iCLASS migration, and the RMPK40 for migration from Magstripe and Prox to iCLASS. Both models will be on display at the NACCU Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, from April 18 through April 21. Several HID Global partners will be showcasing the readers in their booths at the show, including PERSONA, ColorID, LLC, Cawley Digital ID, Laminex, Inc. and Campus Cards by Lois Gamiel, LLC.

"Organizations that currently rely on magstripe technology can now more easily migrate to higher security and multi-use cards with the new RMK40 and RMPK40 readers," said Alan Fontanella, Senior Director of Product Marketing for HID Global's Identity and Access Management business. "Unlike products without a migration solution, our HID Global multiCLASS reader line simplifies an end-user's migration to more secure technology, and supports a variety of access control technology combinations. The expanded multiCLASS reader line delivers the ultimate migration tool, and its unique card-technology read-selection feature gives customers limitless card management flexibility, with security and simplicity."

According to IMS Research in its November 2009 report entitled, "The World Market for Electronic Physical Access Control Equipment," multi-technology readers are forecast to ramp up as organizations attempt to future proof themselves, and this market, worldwide, is forecast to be the fastest growing reader market with a CAGR of 14.2 percent. Earlier, in July 2008, IMS had reported that 13.56 MHz smart cards and magnetic stripe readers were growing at compounded annual growth rates (CAGRs) of 23.6 percent and -1.2 percent to market shares of 38.6 percent and 4.0 percent by 2012, respectively. In IMS' most recent report, the firm said it expects contactless smart card shipments to break the one billion barrier in 2014. The report's analyst, Don Tait, said, "The market for contactless is set to nearly double between 2008 and 2014 as the three largest end-user sectors, government and healthcare ID, transportation and payment and banking cards, all see contactless gain more traction."

Access control installations in locations with multiple buildings, diverse user populations, and disparate systems for identity-based applications such as college campuses, airports and hospitals realize significant benefits from multi-technology migration solutions. HID Global's readers provide a clear multi-technology migration path for the large installed bases of magstripe and HID Prox credentials, enabling the transition to contactless smart cards while also implementing multiple card technologies within a single building or across multiple facilities. Customers migrating to iCLASS additionally realize the benefit of a one-card solution by deploying multiple campus applications over time, increasing the return on credential investment. Couple the reader migration with multi-technology credentials from HID Global to both maintain legacy applications while migrating reader and credential populations with a low investment level spread over time.

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