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Stanley announces Best Cormax keying system

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – (April 22, 2010) – Stanley Security Solutions, Inc. announces the launch of the new BEST CORMAX Patented Keying System. This new product is the upgrade path for existing BEST Standard, BEST Premium, and BEST MX8 customers. In addition to the new patent protection through 2027, it comes with new keyway families and a new key bow design.

"BEST CORMAX is a great addition to the growing family of BEST keying systems, especially since patent-protected keying systems have become an essential element of non-residential access control as security administrators strive to eliminate the unauthorized duplication of keys," states Jaime Torres, Director of Product Marketing. To help accomplish this goal, BEST CORMAX cores and keys will be available exclusively to authorized users through Stanley sales offices.

Since BEST MX8 cores and keys will be discontinued upon the launch of BEST CORMAX Patented Keying System, Stanley has decided to use the BEST MX8 nomenclature for BEST CORMAX so that customers do not have to learn a new core/key nomenclature.

The BEST CORMAX Patented Keying System offers the following features and benefits:

- US patent protection through the year 2027 which extends the useful and proprietary life of the system. (Patent number 7,681,425).
- A second, independent locking mechanism that utilizes a patented set of built-in side pins to provide higher security. BEST CORMAX cores will only operate when the proper BEST CORMAX keys are inserted to disengage the patented built-in side pins from the body and sleeve.
- Several levels of geographical exclusivity, including national exclusivity, are available via the patented side pin feature. All exclusivity levels have security procedures in place to provide an additional layer of protection against unauthorized distribution. Exclusivity levels are available based upon purchasing volume.
- BEST CORMAX cores are certified to meet the security, safety, and reliability requirements of BHMA A156.5 Grade 1.
- BEST CORMAX cores are compatible with all existing BEST interchangeable core housings, eliminating the need for new or modified locksets.
- Available in 6- and 7-pin sizes to accommodate existing locksets.

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