Keeneo introduces Easy Count video-based people counting solution

Keeneo will demonstrate at IFSEC, its new Easy Count product along with Eboo’s video management system. Eboo's management software is integrated with Keeneo's Metric Manager, Easy Count model to provide the automatic counting of people entering or exiting a predefined area (zone) or line and its related data analysis for management evaluation. This solution can be used by operational management to improve customer service and satisfaction while helping improve logistic efficiency and profit. A typical application is counting the number of people entering and exiting a store, public facility or room to determine occupancy rates, transaction rate (people visiting versus buying), and maintenance or servicing needs. Another common use is helping managers decide how many and where to open or close service counters, terminals or registers and determine related staff loading.

IFSEC attendees will be able to experience Easy Count’s automatic configuration for the accurate counting of people and the powerful reporting and other management tools provided by the Eboo system.Eboo products include video recording hardware and management software that have remote display capabilities for iPhone, web browser, and Microsoft Windows environment. Eboo uses Keeneo technologies to add video analytics to its systems, as part of an Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) solution.

Easy Count set-up is a simple three step, plug and play process: 1) Install Easy Count using its CD; 2) Align the camera to focus on the desired counting zone; and 3) Let the system automatically initialize, ascertain and then start the counting process. The system also lets you fine tune the counting zone or process for optional customization.

IFSEC will be held May 10 through the 13, 2010 in Birmingham, England. Keeneo’s booth is: C 110 (part of the French Pavilion area). At IFSEC, see the newest advances in video analytic solutions to improve security and enhance operations. Keeneo video analytics features its patented 4D video analytics technology that uses images from either analog, IP or IR/thermal cameras to analyze events in terms of both 3D space and a time dimension. Keeneo will feature SafeZone models for security, intrusion and unwanted incident detection; and the Metric Manager models for people counting and flow data.