NSCA University offers new online course

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, March 17, 2009 — A new online, self-paced class allows installers and technicians to learn the non-technical skills needed for success in just a few short months. NSCA University’s Quick Start for Systems Contractors is the perfect solution for new employees or staff who were never properly trained on these essential aspects of the job.

Quick Start contains five modules that focus on industry knowledge, customer service, troubleshooting, project documentation and responsibility. Staff members who can perform these soft skills well can help your company become more profitable by helping your customers solve problems, save time and have a great experience.

“In today’s economy, setting yourself apart from your competitors is key,” said Norah Hammond, NSCA senior director of professional development. “Simple exercises — such as practicing consistent customer service, knowing the industry, and understanding a range of products and services — shows your customers that you will get the job done right, and also improves your representation of your organization, the industry and the products you install.”

Participants can sign up for one module or all five to take advantage of specific training that frequently takes a back seat to technical training. Employees can learn online from the convenience of the office, at any time of day that works best for their companies. Each module is designed to teach essential skills in the topic area and includes a check for understanding. Plus, activities and other engaging methods keep students involved in the session, making it a valuable experience.

Make a reservation for this online experience today by contacting quickstart@nsca.org or by calling 800.446.6722. Buy all five modules for $299 (non-members $319) or select only the modules you need at $69 (non-members $89) each.