Cooper Notification releases RSAN 6.0

KANSAS CITY, Kan. , Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Cooper Notification, a platform of Cooper Industries, announced today the latest release of the patented Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN) emergency text and voice alerting system. With the most comprehensive notification capabilities in the industry, RSAN 6.0 adds enhanced voice dialing capability, integration with social networking sites and improved GIS mapping functionality through Microsoft Virtual Earth version 6.2. The launch was held today at the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Emergency Management and Homeland Security Expo (EMEX) in Kansas City, Kan.

"Our new voice notification suite leads the industry in speed, reliability and calling capacity," said Ratna Reddi , Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Cooper Notification. "RSAN 6.0 enables emergency officials to distribute voice messages over landline, wireless, and VoIP phones to tens of thousands of recipients within minutes."

For the special needs community, RSAN 6.0 features emergency message delivery via Telecommunications Device for the Deaf/Teletypewriter (TDD/TTY) without pre-registration or administrative configuration. RSAN 6.0's other voice capabilities include the ability to target specific geographic areas through the integrated GIS-mapping module, track user responses, record and send audio files directly from a computer workstation, initiate alerts from any telephony device, and call or message any cell or landline phone number in the world.

The latest release of RSAN is integrated with social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. This allows RSAN customers to automatically post emergency notifications to social networking sites that many Cooper Notification client constituents actively use.

"Students rely heavily on social networks for their information," said Reddi. "Integrating with these sites offers a significant advantage for RSAN clients as they will see their enrollment grow and information spread through even greater breadth of alert delivery channels."

RSAN is also integrated with Cooper Notification's indoor and outdoor mass notification solutions, including WAVES outdoor High Power Speaker Arrays, which broadcast emergency messages over wide areas, SAFEPATH(TM) indoor voice evacuation system, and Wheelock and MEDC branded fire and security devices. The Cooper Notification mass notification platform provides customers an integrated, multi-layered approach with indoor, outdoor, text, and voice notification, all developed from a single company and designed to work seamlessly together.

Cooper Notification has deployed more than 230 RSAN systems across the United States , including major metropolitan areas in and around Washington, DC , Orlando , New Orleans , Philadelphia , Houston , and San Francisco as well as state and federal agencies, colleges, airports, and hospitals. These systems play an important role in emergency alerting and information sharing among government leadership, first responders, critical infrastructure providers, businesses and citizens.