Universal Detection receives order from Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Universal Detection Technology (www.udetection.com, a developer of early-warning monitoring technologies to protect people from bioterrorism and other infectious health threats and provider of counter-terrorism consulting and training services, reported today that it has received a purchase order for its anthrax detection equipment from the Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Department. The detection equipment is designed to check for anthrax and can return results in as little as 3 minutes.

The Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Department provides fire protection and emergency medical services for Miami-Dade County, Florida. The department serves 28 municipalities and all unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County from 60 fire stations. The Department also provides fire protection services for Miami International Airport.

A recent commission chaired by former senators Bob Graham and Jim Talent has found that the nation is "very exposed" in terms of preparedness to a bioterrorist attack. The next U.S. president should put more emphasis on countering biological threats as part of a rethinking of national security strategy, according to early assessments from the leaders of a commission. "Both biological and nuclear threats are significant in their ability to kill hundreds of thousands, but a biological attack is easier to launch and harder to combat because many biological weapon components are widely available and have benign uses," said the commission's chairman, former Sen. Bob Graham of Florida.

UNDT's anthrax detection equipment has been extensively used by first responders and private industries throughout the country. The equipment has been evaluated by the U.S. DOD as well as the United Kingdom military. The equipment's capacities include:

           * No cross-reactivity with near neighbor strains
           * No cross-reactivity to household powders
           * No set up time
           * No expensive reader needed
           * No decontamination requirements
           * No false positives
           * No false negatives
           * No hook effect

"The purchase order from the Miami Dade Country Fire Rescue is another milestone for our company as more and more first responders utilize our detection equipment," said Mr. Jacques Tizabi, UNDT's Chief Executive Officer. "The recent increase of 'suspicious powder' mailings highlights the need for our first responders to be equipped with the most advanced technology," he added.

UNDT has received the purchase orders referred to in this news release through Security Solutions International (SSI). The equipment was billed to the Purchaser by SSI as part of participation in the counterterrorism training at the Gulf Coast Terrorism Conference and is expected to be delivered to them directly from UNDT.

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