Bosch releases Extreme series IP cameras

FAIRPORT, N.Y. – Bosch Security Systems, Inc., a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security solutions, announces the release of its Extreme Series IP Cameras. Combining advanced optics, active-infrared illumination, IP connectivity and on-board Intelligent Video Analysis in a ruggedized housing, the six camera models deliver uncompromised networked surveillance in all lighting and environmental conditions.

The EX30, EX80, EX82 and EX85 models are all-weather outdoor IP cameras engineered and calibrated to provide high performance day-night imaging, making them ideal for perimeter and general surveillance for industrial, commercial and critical infrastructure applications. Incorporating Black Diamond night vision, these cameras produce clear images in low-light and no-light environments, enabling the nighttime function of built-in video analytics for true around-the-clock surveillance. High-signal, low-noise video also reduces network bandwidth and storage requirements, resulting in a more stable IP surveillance system.

The EX7 and EX36 models are specifically designed to meet the needs of locations with specialized surveillance and design requirements, such as correctional facilities and hospitals. The cameras feature a U.S. patented No Grip design, making them impossible to grip or hang from to help ensure maximum safety in high-risk environments. Constructed of cast aluminum, EX7 and EX36 are also vandal-resistant, allowing them to withstand acts of sabotage to provide continuous video vigilance.

Producing high quality video, integrating seamlessly with IP networks and enabling optimized performance of video analytics in the most demanding imaging conditions, Extreme Series IP cameras meet the 24/7 surveillance requirements of critical security projects. For more information, visit