IQeye from Vicon

IQinVision launches next generation video solutions

San Juan Capistrano, CA, and Lancaster, PA, March 11, 2009—IQinVision, market leader in high-performance megapixel IP security cameras, intelligent network cameras, and IP video recording systems, today announced that the new generation IQrecorder and IQeye Event Recording System (ERS) are now shipping.

IQinVision's latest generation of IQrecorder boasts a completely new intuitive user interface, improved features, and a redesigned engine to provide better performance for the surveillance industry's only on-camera megapixel NVR solution. New features include simultaneous playback and live viewing, flexible scheduling, improved digital zoom on recorded images, full screen viewing, DVD-like controls, and a graphical time/date search. IQrecorder is ideal for small security equipment applications where simplicity, ease of install, and low total cost of ownership are paramount. Learn more at

The IQeye Event Recording System (ERS) is a self-contained High-Definition megapixel network video recorder that uses NO BANDWDITH to record crisp, clear video—making it perfect for installations where network bandwidth is at a premium. It includes IQinVision’s simple and intuitive browser-based IQrecorder on-camera recording and playback software, which requires no client software. IQeye ERS also offers on-camera solid state storage that is tough, reliable, and able to record more than 20,000 events.

The IQeye ERS is Power-over-Ethernet and is available in both indoor and outdoor models. The system is very easy to install and is the perfect product for end users just getting into IP video—simply mount the IP camera, plug it in, power it up, and it is recording motion-based events right out of the box. For small and remote installations where simplicity and low cost installation are key, the IQeye ERS is a very attractive choice. Learn more at

“These two products deliver the perfect low-cost, high-performance solution for applications such as retail store security, parking lot surveillance, gated community security, and more,” said Paul Bodell, Chief Marketing Officer for IQinVision. “The IQeye ERS is pre-configured to work right out of the box to eliminate the hassles and prohibitive costs small and medium-size end users traditionally encounter with a video recording security system.”