SightLogix unveils SightSurvey perimeter security design tool

Dallas, TX (October 12, 2010) - SightLogix, the supplier of intelligent video surveillance systems for outdoor security applications, unveils a new web-based perimeter security design tool that enables security professionals to quickly and easily model a video intrusion detection system using the Google Maps depiction of the actual site. With a formal introduction at ASIS 2010, SightSurvey allows systems integrators and consultants to effectively design a video intrusion detection system to protect critical assets and provide budgetary models in advance of walking the site.

SightSurvey uses an intuitive interface to convert security requirements into camera locations, ensuring that an entire perimeter is protected. With SightSurvey, even large, open areas around airports, rail yards, seaports, pipelines, petro-chemical storage and campuses can be efficiently designed, ensuring that camera blind spots, visual obstructions, coverage gaps or other vulnerabilities are addressed.

SightSurvey visually displays each camera location and corresponding field of view to show its area of automated detection coverage, enabling analysis of areas of vulnerability and response times for security events. Integrators can place intelligent cameras easily - one click for location and one click for orientation - set pole heights, and choose visible or thermal intrusion detection cameras based on the application environment.

In addition to optimizing camera placement, the web-based tool also determines a camera's maximum range for automatically detecting different sized objects, such as a man-sized object versus a vehicle or a boat. Once completed, the system provides a finished quote for customer delivery, including a listing of camera types and part numbers, mounting heights, GPS camera locations, orientation, tilt from horizon and exact detection footprint dimension.

The SightLogix Design Center can assist consultants and integrators with their current security projects, and offers SightSurvey video tutorials and webinar training. More information is available at

"Integrators and consultants need tools that simplify the design, quotation, and installation of outdoor security systems," said John Romanowich, President and CEO, SightLogix. "SightSurvey removes days of time previously required to generate a security design, allowing integrators to meet the goal of delivering intelligent video deployments on time and on budget."

Recognized as a leader in intelligent video surveillance systems that provide a solid return on investment, SightLogix' combination of edge-based video analytics, long and wide area coverage using visible or thermal detection cameras and geo-spatial target tracking have been deployed around the world to meet the critical security needs of the transportation, energy, utility, chemical, information technology, public safety and defense industries.

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