Panasonic's UniPhier chip technology enhances network camera capabilities

DALLAS, TX (October 12, 2010) - All the power of Panasonic's high-definition video processing ingenuity comes together in the UniPhier LSI (Large-Scale Integrated circuit) computer chip now available in the company's latest generation of H.264 video surveillance cameras. The more efficient H.264 High Profile format provides superior HD image quality using as little as half as much data. Proprietary LSI technology enables intelligence features such as face detection to be incorporated onto the device. The advanced high-density chip technology enables delivery of multiple H.264 and JPEG video streams for simultaneous real-time monitoring and HD recording with enhanced interoperability. Panasonic's UniPhier LSI is the culmination of the company's proven imaging expertise across its extensive offering of broadcast, professional and consumer HD video cameras.

"UniPhier chip technology sets a new benchmark in performance for network video cameras," said Bill Taylor, President, Panasonic System Networks Company of America. "This next generation image processing chip is used in Panasonic cameras, VIERA televisions and Blu-ray players, known for their high quality images and fast processing speeds. It is one of several key technologies that distinguish Panasonic's network cameras, enabling them to deliver superior image quality and exquisite color reproduction."

The UniPhier (Universal Platform for High-Quality Image Enhancing Revolution) chip features a unique processing platform that allows Panasonic to share software and hardware resources across multiple Panasonic product lines. By establishing a new suite of products based on UniPhier technology, Panasonic can further improve system interoperability and accelerate the integration of previously disparate product lines to deliver enterprise level system solutions. In addition, leveraging its R&D investment enables the company to deliver higher cost efficiencies to the market.

"While many cameras in the market use H.264 baseline profile compression, Panasonic employs H.264 High Profile compression as a result of our new UniPhier chip technology," said Mr. Taylor. "Because the UniPhier chipset is being deployed across multiple lines of Panasonic products, we can provide this unique advantage to our customers with extreme cost-efficiency which further enhances the overall value of our cameras."

Panasonic's network cameras with UniPhier technology include the company's new i-PRO Smart HD cameras along with the IP camera models BB-HCM715A, BB-HCM735A, BB-HCM701A and BB-HCM705A.

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