Panasonic expands, enhances PSDN developer network program

DALLAS, TX (October 12, 2010) - Panasonic System Networks Company of America is expanding and strengthening the Panasonic Solution Developer Network (PSDN) Program, increasing its resources and investing heavily in alliances and partnerships to further compatibility, interoperability and system/product integration. PSDN is being expanded to cover all of the primary PSNA business categories; in addition to Surveillance, Monitoring and Video Imaging, the program will now also support the Home & Business Communications, Retail Information Systems, and Document Management product families. Enhancements to the program will provide many improvements and refinements aimed at better supporting its development partners.

The size of PSDN's developer support team will triple, providing more dedicated contacts and more proactive and responsive assistance to PSDN Partners. Marketing support improvements will include joint announcements, success stories and white papers; more opportunities to participate at Panasonic events and better access to the Panasonic sales team and channel partners.

An all new PSDN web site will be launched in October which will better highlight the wide range of solution offerings available through Panasonic compatibility with its PSDN Partners. A PSDN Partner Event will be held at ASIS 2010 to announce details about the expansion and enhancements. It is the first of several kick-off events at major trade shows throughout 2010 and 2011.

"We are making very exciting changes to the PSDN program," said Mike Maddox, Panasonic's Director, Alliance Relationships and Developer Programs. "The improvements will benefit both our developer partners and our mutual customers by providing integrated solutions using best-of-breed products. The expansion of PSDN to our other business categories will formalize and strengthen existing relationships and create great new opportunities for our customers and partners."

Companies interested in joining PSDN or learning more should email, or contact Mike Maddox at or 408-605-3495.

For more information, contact Panasonic by calling toll free 1-866-PAN-CCTV (1-866-726-2288) or visiting