G4S announces recent acquisitions

Dallas, TX (October 12, 2010) - Building on a legacy as the premier supplier of security manpower, G4S Secure Solutions (USA) is staking claim on a new category of integrated security solutions that combines manpower and technology. Through acquisition of several industry-leading technology companies in the security arena, G4S is combining the core competencies as a supplier of security personnel from its Wackenhut roots with new technology elements. Internal innovation is also contributing technology components, such as the Secure Trax PLUS interactive software that boosts security officer's productivity while providing valuable historical performance and management data.

G4S has acquired the following security industry technology companies:

Nuclear Security Services Corp. (NSSC), which offers risk management, design and engineering services for intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance systems specifically for the nuclear power and other regulated industries.

Touchcom, Inc., which develops software for visitor management, work flow management, elevator management and facility concierge services.

Adesta, a systems integrator that designs and installs sophisticated video surveillance, perimeter protection and related services.

AMAG Technology, which offers access control, visitor management, smart card and related software-driven applications.

"The exciting new chapter of our G4S story is our aggressive pursuit of cutting edge technology components to boost security system productivity," said Drew Levine, President, G4S Secure Solutions (USA). "Acquisition of these top companies enables us to incorporate their innovative developments and expertise into a broad range of technology and manpower competencies that combine seamlessly into comprehensive security solutions."

Also contributing to G4S Secure Solution's technology leadership is the company's 5,000-square-foot best-in-breed remote video monitoring facility in Burlington, Massachusetts, which goes beyond traditional central station monitoring to offer the industry's most intelligent video and streaming audio over IP networks. The center uses video analytics (intelligent video) to alert security personnel only if there is a problem at a customer's site that needs to be addressed.

The global resources of G4S now deliver a wider range of services, consisting of manpower - including security consulting, design, and engineering; compliance and risk management; facilities management and remote video monitoring. Providing a seamless interface of manned security and technology, G4S Secure Solutions (USA) leverages innovation to increase efficiency, limit risks and reduce costs for customers.

For more information visit www.g4s.com/us or call 800-275-8305.