G4S to showcase its monitoring center at ASIS 2010

Dallas, TX (October 12, 2010) - Providing best-in-breed remote video monitoring from a 5,000-square-foot facility in Burlington, Massachusetts, G4S technology goes beyond traditional central station service to offer the industry's most intelligent video and streaming audio over IP networks. The center uses video analytics to alert security personnel if there is a problem at a customer's site that needs to be addressed.

Providing a seamless interface of security personnel and technology, the monitoring center leverages its state-of-the-art technology to increase efficiency, mitigate risks and reduce costs for G4S customers. The center is also one of a select handful to be awarded UL-827 certification for monitoring facilities. Remote monitoring services are customized to the customer's exact specifications: the features, policies and responses are chosen by the client to ensure a perfect fit that keeps the focus on business needs.

"Attendees at ASIS 2010 know us as the premier supplier of manpower services to the security market going back to our long history as Wackenhut," said Drew Levine, President, G4S Secure Solutions (USA). "Our remote monitoring system near Boston demonstrates how we are expanding our business model to encompass technology elements that can make manpower more productive and efficient. The intelligent video used at our remote video monitoring facility is an example of the way innovative technology can augment the effectiveness of a manned security force while also helping to lower total security costs."

The remote monitoring facility promotes efficiency by using video monitoring and analytics to alert security personnel only if there is a problem at a customer's site. For example, the center monitors one client with hundreds of properties in California and then relays alarms directly to G4S security officers on-site.

The global resources of G4S now deliver a wider range of services going beyond manpower - including security consulting, design, and engineering; compliance and risk management; and facilities management in addition to remote video monitoring.

For more information visit www.g4s.com/us or call 800-275-8305.