G4S to feature its tiered officer program at ASIS

Dallas, TX (October 12, 2010) - G4S Secure Solutions (USA), a global provider of comprehensive security solutions combining manpower, technology, and innovation, provides security officers with specialized skill sets and multiple levels of training, experience and qualifications to meet the specific needs of any customer application. At ASIS 2010, G4S will emphasize the benefits of the company's tiered officer program, which recruits, trains and compensates officers based on their skill levels and expertise in specialized market sectors. From the initial screening and selection of security officers to the best-in-class training programs and technology tools, G4S Secure Solutions is fully prepared to meet the most stringent security requirements.

The Custom Protection Officer program at G4S was developed to meet the need for specialized skill sets and to raise the bar of the security officer industry beyond the realm of the "night watchman." Custom Protection Officer personnel meet stringent experience, qualification and training requirements. G4S provides their most highly qualified security officers to the private sector and to major government and commercial installations with important defense or critical infrastructure responsibilities. For example, G4S Custom Protection Officers are meeting the special needs of chemical, petrochemical and nuclear facilities throughout the country.

G4S's tiered officer programs include the Customer Protection Officer (CPO), Upscale Security Officer (USO) and Property Resource Officer (PRO). The company also offers security officers with specific expertise in the various market sectors, including Chemical/Petrochemical, Government Services, Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare, Residential Communities, Financial Institutions, Rail and Mass Transit, and more.

"We know that the success of any security program depends on the quality and performance of assigned personnel, and customers should have the flexibility to choose the right security officer for the job," said Drew Levine, President, G4S Secure Solutions (USA). "The skills needed by security officers deployed at reception areas are very different from those needed by security officers deployed in high-risk, high-consequence environments. We provide security officers at all levels of experience and qualifications and customizable programs designed to respond and adapt to evolving security concerns."

The global resources of G4S now deliver a wider range of services in addition to manpower - including security consulting, design, and engineering; compliance and risk management; facilities management and remote video monitoring.

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