G4S to highlight its Secure Trax PLUS software platform

Dallas, TX (October 12, 2010) - G4S Secure Solutions (USA), a global provider of comprehensive security solutions combining technology, manpower and innovation, will highlight the Secure Trax PLUS fully interactive software platform at ASIS 2010, providing a critical link to expand the capabilities of security officers using cutting edge technology products.

Secure Trax PLUS software connects security officers using hand-held devices with a Command Center and an enterprise's customized, secure Business Intelligence Portal. The all-in-one software detects, alerts, dispatches, responds and verifies events in real-time. The system eliminates paperwork and provides historical performance data to enable security resources to be assigned based on business intelligence and trend analysis.

The Secure Trax PLUS Command Center provides situational management with rapid response capabilities and day-to-day functions such as guard tour monitoring, perimeter violation monitoring, check-in verification, documented repair requests, and coordination of officer duties and scheduled tasks.

The Secure Trax Business Intelligence Portal provides incident tracking and compliance reporting with the analytical power to determine the most cost-efficient allocation of security resources. The information sent to the Command Center is stored in the G4S Secure Business Intelligence Portal. The data is then used to develop trend analysis reports that identify prevalent risk factors, weak spots in security coverage, and seasonal or even hourly coverage needs based on event history.

"We are building on our Wackenhut roots as a premier supplier of manned security services by developing new and more efficient means of providing a more complete security solution with powerful technologies such as our Secure Trax Management Software platform," said Drew Levine, President, G4S Secure Solutions (USA). "Our combination of manpower, technology and innovation at the new G4S is transforming the company to deliver truly integrated security solutions unlike any other company in the industry. Secure Trax PLUS is one example."

The global resources of G4S now deliver a wider range of services in addition to manpower - including security consulting, design, and engineering; compliance and risk management; facilities management and remote video monitoring.

For more information visit www.g4s.com/us or call 800-275-8305.