Gamewell-FCI debuts special hazard releasing panels

NORTHFORD, Conn., September 30, 2009 - Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell has expanded its Flex Series of conventional products with the addition of two fire alarm releasing panels designed to offer flexible control of single and dual-hazard agent-based suppression or deluge systems. Ideal for high-risk, high-value environments, both panels are listed to UL/ANSI-864 Ninth Edition standards for provision of stand-alone or supplemental fire protection and releasing control.

The Flex Series GF506R agent release panel features clean agent, dry chemical and high-pressure CO2 suppression control capabilities. Commonly utilized to limit costly damag e from smoke and fire without water, applications for this control panel include facilities containing computer rooms, telecommunications equipment and industrial metal working operations. The Flex Series GF506D pre-action/deluge panel is suited to hospitals, warehouses, schools and other buildings typically protected by water-spray or foam-water sprinkler systems.

Both panels offer features uncommon in conventional systems, such as built-in strobe synchronization, seven amps of output power, cross-zone functionality and programmable input/output capabilities. The flexibility of these conventional systems enables each to provide a more customized installation with added functionality.

Compatibility with both System Sensor i3 Series and Apollo Series 65 conventional smoke detectors give the Flex Series added versatility for new construction and retrofit applications. The GF506R and GF506D panels are also compatible with a variety of common manufacturers' water control valves, solenoids and notification appliances.

"We expanded our offerings with these panels to serve a wider array of commercial and industrial fire protection needs," says John Weaver, director of marketing for Gamewell-FCI. "In the near future, we plan to introduce a 220Volt version of the releasing panels for international applications."

For more detailed information on Gamewell-FCI's conventional releasing, mass notification and fire protection systems, visit Gamewell-FCI. To contact a Gamewell-FCI Engineered Systems Distributor in your area, email