Matrox unveils IP video decoding accelerator for CCTV systems

NEW YORK, Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- ITS World Congress 2008 -- Matrox Graphics announces the Matrox VDA-1164--a video decoding accelerator designed for workstations running video management system (VMS) software. The VDA-1164 uniquely offloads the system CPU supporting hardware decoding of multiple IP video streams in a variety of resolutions and encoded formats, which can be viewed on up to four HD monitors.

"The Matrox VDA-1164 provides the unique ability to simultaneously decode multiple streaming video formats from a variety of sources--completely independent of the CPU--with first-rate image quality and no dropped frames," stated Alain Thiffault, Business Development Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. "This board set maximizes PC responsiveness by completely offloading the video decoding function from the CPU, enabling it to focus on other tasks, such as access control. This, along with its ability to support a variety of IP cameras and encoders from leading manufacturers, makes the VDA-1164 a flexible solution for integrators of video management systems."

Ideal for stand-alone video surveillance systems, or control room operator stations running video and situation management software to monitor large-scale IP security networks, the VDA-1164 comprises two add-in boards: a 64-bit 66/100/133 MHz PCI-X video decoding board and a PCIe x16 quad-output board. This board set completely alleviates the burden of decoding multiple IP video streams--up to 16 D1 or 64 CIF--at the same time from the host CPU. For swift integration of new network devices, the VDA-1164 ships with an easy-to-use SDK that VMS software vendors can use to support the VDA-1164 within their applications.

The VDA-1164 and other solutions for transportation management systems is showcased at World Congress on ITS in New York until Nov. 20th; Booth #433.

Availability and pricing: Matrox VDA-1164 will be available Q1/2009.