Genetec launches Plan Manager

Montreal, Canada, March 16, 2011 — Genetec, a pioneer in the physical security industry and a provider of world-class IP security solutions, announced today the general availability of their map-based command and control feature, Plan Manager. With Plan Manager, Genetec extends the concept of traditional graphical maps and provides operators with an interactive and efficient tool to help manage their security environment. Plan Manager is offered to Genetec customers as an add-on module within Omnicast, Genetec’s video surveillance system.

Plan Manager allows operators to create and integrate maps of their unique environments into their video surveillance system. Then, users can instantly access and manipulate various graphical entities on the map such as hot spots (pre-defined high-security zones), map links (links to different points between floor plans or within the same floor plan), favorite views, cameras and other solutions.

Displaying video is as easy as clicking on a camera, alarm or any point on the map where a user wants to view the video. Cameras are displayed on the maps as colored icons, which indicate their location, status and the camera’s field of view, even with pan and tilt cameras.

More than that, Plan Manager’s alarm management functionality allows operators to position alarms throughout their maps. When an alarm is triggered in Omnicast, the map will automatically center on the alarm zone where then operators can acknowledge the alarm in Omnicast or click directly on the flashing area.

"The ease-of-use and simplified map navigation and automation was critical in developing this feature," said Jonathan Doyon, Director of Product Technology at Genetec. "When incidents arise in a multistory or large-scale applications and operators need access to information fast, Plan Manager is designed to help them be at peak efficiency and respond immediately."

Plan Manager accepts exported vectorial PDF maps from Autocad and other CAD systems or from an available Geographical Information System (GIS), if compliant with the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) interface and exchange standards, such as Microsoft Bing Maps. As opposed to standard JPG or raster map-based map systems, Plan Manager allows an operator to zoom into a map, from bird’s eye view down, to gather as much details in an image as required.

Plan Manager also offers additional functionality such as navigation tools, view mode options, advanced search functionalities, instruction files with triggered alarms, and integration of third-party systems.

Custom development services are also offered by Genetec to channel partners with clients that require other specific functions. Customizing the capabilities of Plan Manager maximizes efficiency in a specific application and provides operators with even more control at their fingertips.