Inovonics now on Facebook

LOUISVILLE, Colo., April 19, 2010 – Inovonics, the leader in commercial grade wireless security products, today announced the launch of its Facebook site ( The page will provide easy access to YouTube tech-tip videos for installers and dealers and act as a developer resource hub.

Inovonics currently has nine videos designed to help installers with technical tips, such as selecting the frequency on universal transmitters, and to help dealers understand product features and benefits, such as the introduction to the EN4232MR multi-condition receiver. The commercial wireless company continues to add videos as they become available.
"Mobile devices such as the iPhone have made it easy to get visual information into the hands of the people in the field who need it," said Eric Carlson, Inovonics technical and customer service manager. "Inovonics’ social media pages on FaceBook and YouTube make it simple to get that kind of content out to our installers in the field."

The site is also planned as a resource for developers, providing software updates and developer documentation. In addition, Inovonics sees the site as a portal where developers can share their own experiences and tips with other security developers.

"Developers work with state-of-the-art technology at their disposal and it’s always been Inovonics’ goal to provide them with the tools they need to implement innovative security solutions," said Carlson. "Acknowledging and leveraging the power of social media networks helps Inovonics provide an unmatched level of service to developers, installers and dealers."