3M announces strategic alignment with AssureTec Technologies

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Oct. 5, 2009 – 3M Security Systems and AssureTec Technologies, Inc. announce a strategic alignment to offer AssureTec’s authentication library software with select 3M document readers. Working together, 3M’s proven high quality document readers and AssureTec’s extensive document library create a comprehensive approach and world class capability in identity document authentication resulting in highly automated secure compliance and anti-fraud applications for border control authorities, governments, security companies, car dealerships and rental companies, casinos, hotels, banks and high value retailers.

Documents are quickly scanned and specific security features from the captured images are compared to the AssureTec database, which rapidly provides automatic classification and authentication. AssureTec’s authentication library includes security features for several thousand document types, including passports, drivers’ licenses, national ID cards, visas and green cards. The software is capable of verifying both ICAO compliant and non-ICAO compliant ID documents – a distinct advantage over other systems.

“We’re excited to offer our existing customers new functionality that combines our deep experience and expertise in hardware solutions for security document data capture with AssureTec’s extensive authentication library software technology,” said Andrew Dubner, Business Manager, 3M Issuance and Authentication Systems. “This alignment further expands our global portfolio, which we’ll bring to new markets.”

The alliance helps 3M further extend its portfolio into several new commercial markets, adding to its market penetration in government applications, and adds to 3M’s capabilities in providing its customers with complete solutions in credential issuance and authentication. For example, the system would aid in preventing identity fraud during the issuance process in the U.S. drivers’ license market by helping to identify false documents used to obtain a valid U.S. driver’s license.

“We’re proud to partner with 3M, a proven technology leader. The pairing of two best-in-class technologies – 3M’s trusted document readers and AssureTec’s real time, automated authentication software – will allow us to bring to our customers a complete, industry-leading ID authentication system,” said Bruce Reeves, CEO of AssureTec.

The automated compliance and anti-fraud solutions enabled by this new alliance will help customers to meet the wide range of identity based security issues faced on a daily basis by government and commercial representatives by confirming an ID is valid and matches that of the presenter, for example:
• Controlling access to buildings
• Approving bank account opening or loans
• Approving cash/credit to casino visitors for gaming
• Permitting border crossings to and from other countries
• Allowing access to alcohol and controlled substances
• Approving car rental contracts and those of other high value products

The ability to quickly and reliably verify documents helps protect public and private infrastructure and its users from serious and costly security breaches – helping them prevent identity fraud, guard their assets, and provide security for employees, customers, visitors and citizens. For more information, visit www.3M.com/Security.