Silent Knight hosts training seminar for firefighters

NORTHFORD, Conn., October 4, 2010 - Silent Knight by Honeywell provided a two-day training designed to familiarize Rochester, N.H., fire fighters with the most current fire protection technologies and codes. In-between emergency calls, the department's two shifts of 19 men and women received an overview of the latest NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), International Building and National Electrical codes. Demonstrations of common fire alarm systems' configurations and capabilities were given utilizing the latest technologies in the Farenhyt and IntelliKnight product lines from Silent Knight. Representatives from System Sensor and Honeywell Analytics also covered new advances in CO (carbon monoxide) detection, gas detection and voice evacuation intelligibility.

"I think this training was important to give our fire fighters a different viewpoint of fire systems, how they operate and the applicable codes," says Rochester's Deputy Fire Chief, Fran Zombeck.

Silent Knight sponsors an ongoing series of basic fire alarm trainings free-of-charge, throughout the U.S. Although the one-day Fire Drill course is open to the general public, the majority of its attendees are fire alarm technicians. Technical seminars and Lunch & Learn meetings for architects and engineers are frequently hosted by Silent Knight regional managers and local Farenhyt distributors across the nation, with an increasing outreach to first responders.

"We interface with fire services people every day. It's a part of what we do," says Jim Spooner, Silent Knight product manager. "But this is one of the few organized trainings we've provided them and we hope to do more in the future."

A full schedule of trainings and registration information is available online. Visit for more details on Silent Knight's wide breadth of commercial fire alarm and life safety systems.