Honeywell releases new security management system

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 4, 2010 – Honeywell today announced the new release of its Pro-Watch 3.80 Security Management Suite that simplifies overall system management through enhanced Microsoft compatibility. Pro-Watch 3.80 includes several new advanced features made possible through improved integration with Honeywell’s MAXPRO VMS (Video Management System) and various third-party systems.

Pro-Watch 3.80 supports user upgrades to new Microsoft versions of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Windows 7. This provides a convenient way to set up groups in Windows using database privileges to streamline the manual steps involved in installation. Pro-Watch 3.80 leverages existing network infrastructure by using standard network protocol to communicate to all system components to help a facility manage access control, alarm monitoring, video badging, digital video, video surveillance and visitor management systems.

Integrating with MAXPRO VMS allows Pro-Watch 3.80 to intelligently determine the capabilities of each analog or digital video device across various sites, allowing video management of any component through a unified configuration and user interface. Operators can drag and drop cameras from the Pro-Watch hardware tree into MAXPRO VMS and can use advanced features such as subject pursuit to select a central camera with a single mouse-click to track a target through a set of sequential cameras.

An advanced badging option combines badge holder and card data into easy-to-use views with access permissions by card. Advanced badging makes it easy to train badging staff and HR, and built-in saved "favorite" searches, audit views, and compliance reports help those individuals more effectively manage badges.

Pro-Watch 3.80 also enables active monitoring and surveillance of large buildings or campuses with enhanced maps. This advanced feature includes intercom support that provides the operator with an additional layer of environmental awareness. Each door in Pro-Watch can be associated with both an intercom and a camera, allowing the dispatcher to utilize real-time video for visual verification while simultaneously communicating over the intercom. For voice functionality, the command interface facilitates operator interactions with remote intercom stations directly from the operator’s personal computer. A dispatcher can interact with intercom stations via a toolbar shortcut, context-sensitive menus in the hardware tree accessed with a simple right-click, or via intercom icons added to maps.

Also, Pro Watch 3.80 features enhanced integration with Honeywell’s VISTA-FBP128/256 intrusion panels to ensure a seamless security experience for end users with fewer accidental alarms and resulting fines. If a user is granted access to a building but does not have the authority to disarm the system, the integration can deny access and prevent a false alarm. In addition, critical areas are automatically armed upon exit of personnel.

"Pro-Watch is a business management tool for those who want to know who’s in their buildings and tracking who’s coming and going," said Beth Thomas, senior product manager, Honeywell. "It offers superior integration with third party products such as Novell and SAP to streamline mustering, visitor management, and other HR functions to help organizations interact more effectively with personnel in their buildings in real-time."

Pro-Watch is available in four scalable editions (Lite, Professional, Corporate and Enterprise) that allow system expansion without changing the user interface or database structure. Honeywell will demonstrate Pro-Watch 3.80 at booth #1309 at ASIS International 2010. To learn more, please visit