PlaSec debuts Access Appliance 2.5

ASIS, Dallas, TX, October 12, 2010 – PlaSec today announced the launch of its PlaSec Access Appliance 2.5, the latest release of the of the world’s first PhysiLogical access control system. The release is highlighted by integration with Exacq Technologies’ exacqVision line of digital video servers, a new robust reporting engine, advanced Identity search capabilities, a new one time import tool for pre-populating identities, along with additional alarm monitoring enhancements and user interface improvements.

"We are very excited to launch the latest release of our PlaSec Access Appliance application software at ASIS," stated Terry Neely, President of PlaSec, "It offers a number of benefits to our customer base, most notably the tight integration with the Exacq family of digital video servers. In addition, we continue to expand our feature set and improve upon our already easy to ease pure browser based interface."

PlaSec’s video integration integrates Exacq’s exacqVision video line with the PlaSec Access Appliance. Functionality includes the ability for any alarm in the PlaSec system to be associated with a real time digital video clip from Exacq, PTZ control of cameras directly from PlaSec Monitoring, and the ability to view real time or recorded video inside the PlaSec application.

A new search engine design allows searching of Identities by any identity field in the Identity form. The new engine also allows for "AND" / "OR" logic to be applied to search criteria, allowing system users to narrow their search set to precisely the group of individuals they desire to view.

Enhancements to the Monitoring component include the ability to define the number of previous events to load for review when opening the Events Viewer, as well as the ability to view Identity information when an Identity related alarm is generated (access denied, etc.).

A new user interface is available to define simple macros. Pick lists are now available on the door configuration forms to configure outputs to trigger upon activation of door forced open, door held open, and door pre-alarm events. A pick list is also available on the input configuration forms to configure an output to activate while an input is in alarm. Additionally, numerous User Interface improvements have been implemented to streamline configuration processes and enhance the system operator experience.

PlaSec Access Appliance 2.5 will be commercially available through PlaSec’s network of Value Added Resellers with a projected ship date in late October.