Mini Gadgets introduces new fee free alarm system

The HS1450 offers complete home surveillance without monthly monitoring fees

PRLog (Press Release) ˇV Nov 13, 2008 ˇV Introducing the HS1450 the world's first COMPLETE Security Alarm System w/ NO MONTHLY FEES. This do it your self (DIY) system, can easily secure your home with up to 4 wireless cameras, and sensors for infrared, door contact, vibration, and microwave. Unlike standard systems, the HS1450 not only come with a built in DVR and LCD screen that allow you to see around your home inside or out with ease. It also hooks to your home phone to call 6 saved preset groups of numbers. The device also has motion activated recording, this allows you to pick a camera and have it record only when it senses movement, this feature allows you to use the HS1450CCD or HS200TV wireless cameras more effectively. Also with a removable SD memory card you have the convenience of watching the security video on the device or remove to use on your computer.

Product Features:

-Global leading operation of wireless alarm and motion detection recording.
-Adopt 2.4G wireless transmission surveillance image signal
-Up to 4 wireless cameras can be used indoor or outdoor.
-Support all around with multiple types of sensors including infrared sensor, door contact sensor, vibration sensor, and microwave sensor.
-Sensor 8 guard zones.
-Arm/disarm via the main unit or arm/disarm and emergency alarm by remote control.
-Remote arm/disarm and listening function works with telephone set
-Both Audible alarm and silent alarm
-Six groups of preset telephone numbers for alarm, and automatic dialing of alarm call
- Delayed arm and delayed alarm function.
-Simultaneous display of alarm signals of multiple zones.
-Highly intergraded embedded recording system.
-SD card, automatic overwriting, cyclic recording, featuring low cost, energy saving, and vibration prevention
-Permanent saving of recording