Future Fibre Technologies solutions protect oil, gas infrastructure

Company to display perimeter security products at Middle East tradeshow

FFT’s Secure Fence, has the added advantage of being available in an Arabic version, which delivers an intuitive and easy to understand graphical alarm interface to security staff in their local language and works with the company’s patented Alarm Recognition and Discrimination (ARaD) technology.

“The other advantage of Secure Fence is its ability to pinpoint the location of intrusions to better than 25 metres anywhere along the entire perimeter fence,” Owen says. “It’s this level of accuracy that clients demand today.

“The traditional 200 or 400 metre zones are simply not good enough anymore,” he said.

Pipeline protection

Like plants and equipment, pipelines must be protected to prevent theft, sabotage or third party interference (TPI) and once again, traditional protection methods have delivered extremely inconsistent results.

Regular pipeline patrols, periodic flyovers by aircraft and/or satellite imagery are prohibitively expensive and rely on being in just the right place at just the right time, resulting in a very low probability of detection and virtually no early warning.

Future Fibe Technologies’ state of the art advanced fibre optic based pipeline protection system, Secure Pipe, can detect and pinpoint the location of digging activities near pipelines – in real time, before the pipeline is damaged.

Alec Owen, from FFT, says Secure Pipe is a much lower cost than alternative methods, it can often use existing fibre optic cables as the sensor to reduce costs even further, provides valuable early warning of an event before pipeline damage or loss occurs and it can protect pipelines thousands of kilometres long. It monitors entire pipelines for interference in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“The Secure Pipe system has been successfully deployed on many oil and gas pipelines around the world, protecting thousands of kilometers since its launch in 2002. The latest application has been for protecting high pressure gas pipelines for Gaz de France and Fluxys in Europe recently to meet the new EU safety requirements,” Owen says.

There’s no doubt that the latest generation of detection products are far more advanced than their predecessors, resulting in quicker, cheaper and smarter protection of assets and infrastructures.

See for yourself why FFT is the ultimate force in fibre optic intrusion detection and location systems. Visit the team at stand G092 at Milipol or visit www.fft-emea.com.