Videotec releases ULISSE MAXI camera positioning system

The ULISSE MAXI is the latest member of the ULISSE family and has been specifically designed to fit big cameras and the largest zoom lenses such as: BOSCH 18x, FUJINON 22x, COMPUTAR 30x, PENTAX 20x.

This positioning system integrates an extra-large sized housing, a high performance P&T head and telemetry receiver. The unit, thanks to its unique adjustable counter-weights system, guarantees an optimal camera position in outdoor installations.

The rotation on the horizontal axis is continuous with a variable speed up to 20°/s while the amplitude on the vertical axis varies from -45° to +20° with a max speed of 20°/s. The built-in wiper does not interfere with the viewing range of the camera. ULISSE MAXI controls the functions of autopan and patrol with a tracking accuracy of 0.02° on preset positions upon recall. ULISSE MAXI uses optical encoders on both Pan and Tilt axis for exact positioning in any condition.

In addition to the traditional control through RS485 serial line, ULISSE MAXI offers the version with a built-in video compression module to allow the IP control of all the PTZ functions and the full integration in a network system.

Typical installations include: harbour control, urban settings, stadiums, industries, prisons or military applications, and perimeter surveillance.