Stanley introduces delayed egress option for DuraGlide door systems

FARMINGTON, CT – November 10, 2008 - Stanley Access Technologies, a member of the Stanley Security Solutions Product Group and a provider of access control and integrated security solutions, today introduced the Delayed Egress (DE) Option for the Stanley DuraGlide Automatic Sliding Door Systems. The new Delayed Egress Option provides a controlled exit for openings that require panic hardware for safe egress.

The Delayed Egress Option for the DuraGlide Automatic Sliding Door Systems is a self-contained solution, that when armed will deny exit to unauthorized personnel for 15 or 30 seconds, while simultaneously sounding a local or remote audible alarm to alert security personnel when an attempt is being made at an exit opening. By denying immediate exit to the person approaching the door, security personnel have the opportunity to respond before the person leaving the facility is allowed to exit for safe egress. The delayed egress functionality is seamlessly integrated into the door package and is transparent to customers.

"We designed the Delayed Egress Option for sliding door systems in an effort to continue to provide users with an easy and convenient automatic exit, while giving establishments increased control over who and what exits the facility." said Thom Cordeiro, marketing manager for Stanley Access Technologies. "This new option provides customers with the enhanced security they desire, while still maintaining egress code requirements."

The Delayed Egress Option for automatic sliding door systems is optimized for a variety of applications where controlled and secure egress is needed; for loss prevention in retail stores, and for lock-down situations in elderly care facilities, hospitals, healthcare centers, airports, and government facilities.

Features of the Stanley DuraGlide DE Option:

• Prevents egress for 15 or 30 second intervals
• Durable magnetic locks provide protection for up to 1200 lbs of shear force
• Recessed panic hardware easily identified with stickers for use
• Key cylinder provided to set device to closed and locked position
• Nuisance delay time incorporated for accidental pushing of panic bar
• Audible alarm
• Aids in loss prevention at retail locations

Use of Delayed Egress Option for the DuraGlide system requires local Fire Marshal approval.

Stanley Access Technologies has been a recognized leader in the automated door industry for more than 70 years. The division produces automatic doors for a wide variety of commercial, institutional, industrial and transportation applications, offering sliding, swinging, revolving and folding doors as well as a variety of sensors and controls. In addition to manufacturing and installing these products, Stanley offers comprehensive service and maintenance programs.

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