Fluidmesh announces MITO Rockstar demo program

Boston, MA . . . February, 2011 – Fluidmesh Networks, a worldwide leader in wireless IP Backhauling systems, is putting the wonders of wireless at the fingertips of integrators everywhere. For those who have ever wondered what the most advanced wireless system in the industry is like, or what it feels like to send 100 Mbps over a wireless link, the suspense is over.

Fluidmesh is now offering its new MITO Rockstar Demo Program to dealers and integrators so they can get their hands on a set of Fluidmesh 1100 MITO to see for themsevels what they can do. The Rockstar Demo Program also enables them to get a deep discount on a set of FM1100M-HW and a set of free Unlimited Plug-ins for maximum performances.

The recently released MITO product line is a new series of wireless products based on MIMO technology and specifically designed for IP Backhauling applications. The MITO series is composed of the FM1100 MITO and the FM3100 MITO.Both products are capable of creating point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and mixed architectures and can be used for applications such as video surveillance, enterprise backhauling, VOIP backhauling, SCADA, and smargrids.

To qualify for the MITO Rockstar Demo, integrators should:

1) Become a Fluidmesh Silver or Gold Partner
2) Renew their Certification by attending the new MITO Level 1 Training on the E-Learning section of the Website
3) Contact your Fluidmesh Representative or office directly with your Partner Number and ask for the Rockstar Demo Package.

"We’re very proud to introduce the MITO Series to the market. By once again thinking outside of the box, we’re able to introduce a revolutionary product that we expect to be a game changer in the wireless IP backhauling world," says Cosimo Malesci, co-founder and vice president, Channel Sales & Marketing of Fluidmesh. "The unparalleled performances, the small form factor, and simplicity of installation bring the design and deployment of wireless backhauling systems to a whole new level of simplicity leading to large savings in terms of time and money. The wireless revolution continues to ROCK ON!"