Sting Surveillance launches ST Series DVRs

HENDERSON, Nev., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- For half a decade, Sting Surveillance has been perfecting its network-based surveillance technology that takes the focus off recording crimes and puts it on apprehending criminals. Now, the company has applied its expertise to develop a line of products tailored specifically to the needs of gaming operators.

Attendees at this year's Global Gaming Expo (G2E) at the Las Vegas Convention Center will be the first to see Sting Surveillance's ST Series DVRs. This hybrid system works with either IP or analog cameras. The advanced applications of a networked system are available to anyone -- affordably, and regardless of their existing equipment.

"No matter what type of technology you're currently using, we can build a system that fits your needs," says Jon Perry, vice president of technology and partner at Sting Surveillance.

Even gaming operators without the budget to replace cameras can take advantage of Sting Surveillance's technology, which can be integrated with any system. Jonathan Fine, CEO and owner of the company, gives the example of a North Las Vegas casino that installed Sting's DVRs with its existing cameras: "The clarity of the surveillance footage was so sharp that law enforcement used it to apprehend someone robbing the casino cage at gun point," Fine said.

Enhancing Sting Surveillance's accessibility to a wide range of gaming clients, its systems come standard with features that, at other companies, can mean additional charges. Sting began developing products and services for the gaming industry in 2007 and many of Sting's standard features even exceed gaming regulations. The Henderson, Nev.-based company provides recording equipment, control center management software, alarm panels, access control readers and panels -- all tested, specified and certified for gaming applications. Sting Surveillance ( now serves gaming operators nation-wide and may be reached at (702) 737-8464.