MorphoTrak wins Corporate Vital Link Award

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Public Safety officers striving to keep communities safe accomplish their mission more effectively thanks to the identification technology of MorphoTrak (Safran group). As the leading provider of biometric solutions, MorphoTrak’s advancement of this mission will be recognized with the Corporate Vital Link Award at the upcoming Montgomery County Public Safety Awards held by the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (Md.).

"The Public Safety Awards give local businesses the opportunity to honor those who protect our community," said Gigi Godwin, President and CEO of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. "Our public safety leaders created the Vital Link award to recognize companies whose transformative technology advances the public safety mission of county agencies."

"We are proud to accept this award and grateful for the opportunity to increase the safety of our region," said Clark Nelson, MorphoTrak Senior Vice President. "We thank the Montgomery County public safety community and the Chamber for this tribute to MorphoTrak’s commitment to this mission."

Montgomery County is part of the National Capital Region network of interoperable biometric databases deployed by MorphoTrak. Connected across agencies, jurisdictions, and states, this shared system allows identification over boundaries, resulting in an increase in crimes solved. For fingerprint capture on patrol, small handheld devices are used for real-time comparison against the regional network containing millions of arrest records. Felons with outstanding warrants can no longer avoid arrest by not carrying identification.

The Montgomery County Chamber’s Corporate Vital Link Award will be presented to MorphoTrak at their 37th Annual Public Safety Awards luncheon. This Washington D.C. metropolitan area event attracts more than 1,000 business leaders, elected officials and public safety community members.