Secura Key launches RKDT dual technology proximity readers

CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA - Secura Key is pleased to announce the launch of its new RKDT Dual Technology Proximity readers and standalones.

These dual-technology proximity products are ideal for Secura Key dealers and OEMs who currently use Secura Key’s Radio Key proximity, but need to merge with or transition existing installations which use HID proximity. Once the transition is accomplished, either technology can be disabled.

The RKDT-WM is a compact weatherproof mullion reader with a standard SIA Wiegand output. It reads Radio Key proximity cards, HID 26-bit proximity cards, and most HID proximity cards with non-proprietary formats up to 37 bits. It is also available in a switchplate configuration – model RKDT-WS.

The RKDT-SA-M is a weatherproof standalone mullion reader, which controls up to 65,000 cards. It can also be converted to a Wiegand output reader, which allows the user to upgrade to a larger system. It reads Radio Key proximity cards, plus HID 26-bit proximity cards. It is also available in a switchplate configuration – model RKDT-SA-S. These units provide single-door access control with timed Antipassback, and no external control panel is required.

The RKDT-SA-M standalone unit is programmed with the RK-HHP passive hand-held programmer, which can be stored in a secure location after programming. The RK-HHP includes four function keys, which eliminates the need to memorize numeric programming commands. The standalone unit is also compatible with the optional SecuRelay for use with high security doors or high-risk locations – a coded pulse from the reader operates this small relay controller located inside the secure area.

Secura Key products are available through major distributors of security, access control, locking hardware and gate control equipment.