Notifier offers new gas detection products

NORTHFORD, Conn, April 13, 2010 - NOTIFIER by Honeywell introduces three new lines of gas and flame detection products designed to integrate with its fire alarm and life safety systems to provide comprehensive protection for a variety of commercial and industrial facilities. Developed by Honeywell Analytics, the E3Point, Sensepoint XCD and FD Series lines offer benefits of advanced detection technology, energy efficiency and cost savings.

The E3Point sensors are ideal for monitoring toxic and combustible gases typically fou nd in commercial building applications, such as parking garages, boiler rooms, battery rooms, maintenance sheds and commercial kitchens. When unsafe levels of toxic or combustible gasses are detected, signals are generated to alert personnel and activate ventilation systems through the NOTIFIER fire protection system. Depending on gas concentrations, fans can be run only when needed for ventilation to conserve energy and reduce facility operating costs.

To monitor industrial sites for a wide range of toxic and flammable gasses, the Sensepoint XCD detector can be used to provide complete diagnostic, alarm and gas concentration values from multiple sensors directly to a NOTIFIER fire alarm control system. The Sensepoint XCD's rugged weatherproof enclosure makes it effective for harsh environments in both indoor and outdoor applications, such as chemical plants, refineries, water treatment facilities and utility plants.

The FD Series of flame detectors are designed to monitor common flame emissions in high-risk industrial applications, including oil/gas and petrochemical sites. A choice of three sensing technologies offers precise detection of the flame source and the widest range of protection against industrial fire and flame threats.

The E3Point, Sensepoint XCD and FD Series lines are compatible with a wide range of NOTIFIER fire alarm and life safety systems. Visit for more in-depth product information.