BriefCam announces Milestone compatible video synopsis viewer

Neve Ilan, Israel, October 4, 2010 – BriefCam, the developer and provider of Video Synopsis systems for reviewing, analyzing and indexing of video camera content, today announced the launch of the BriefCam Embedded Viewer for the Milestone XProtect Smart Client.

Video Synopsis is BriefCam's award-winning technology for the rapid review of recorded video. BriefCam products fulfill the global unmet need to browse video, investigate and identify incidents and take action.

Last week, Video Synopsis was awarded the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award 2010 for Physical Security. At IFSEC 2010 in May, it received the Security Industry Award for Best CCTV System Product (excluding cameras or lenses), and is a Security Excellence Award nominee. BriefCam was also named to Red Herring's Top 100 Europe and CNBC Europe’s Most Creative Companies lists for 2010.

The BriefCam Embedded Viewer for the Milestone XProtect Smart Client user interface is a fully embedded plug-in that allows users to see a summary of captured video footage from any camera processed by the BriefCam server. The plug-in triggers playback of the original source video in the XProtect Smart Client.

The Embedded Viewer lets Milestone users take full advantage of BriefCam’s VS Online, which receives real-time feed from the Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS). The BriefCam server processes the data to produce a database that can be called on to create a video summary on demand – all without exiting the XProtect environment and Smart Client interface.

The result: users receive a "brief" that enables the rapid review of events for evidence discovery. Using Video Synopsis, a day of surveillance camera footage can be summarized into a video clip as short as one minute, leading to a significant reduction in the effort and expense required to review stored video.

Dror Irani, CEO and President of BriefCam said, “We are very excited about the launch of a new product that further deepens our valued partnership with Milestone Systems and furthers our vision of Total Video Review. With Video Synopsis, going over all footage at the beginning and/or end of each shift is now possible and can be integrated into the daily routine.”

BriefCam will present the Embedded Viewer for Milestone XProtect Smart Client at Security Essen 2010 • October 5-8, 2010, Essen, Germany at Hall 2.0, Booth 330 and at ASIS 2010 in Dallas Texas on October 12-15, 2010, Booth #3667.