Lanner to use Stretch solutions in new surveillance products

SUNNYVALE, Calif., November 10, 2008 – Stretch, the pioneer and leader in software configurable processors, today announced that Lanner Electronics is using Stretch S6000 processors and the Stretch Intelligent Encoder software for a new line of video surveillance products. The scalability of the Stretch S6000 processors has enabled Lanner to create an entire suite of video surveillance products, from 4-channel PCI Express H.264 encoding cards up to a 32-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR).

The Stretch S6000 family of software configurable processors delivers H.264 encoding performance and provides a scalable solution to enable rapid development of multi-channel video solutions. The processors were designed to provide a flexible, common technology platform that allows customers to easily create a broad portfolio of products, from add-in cards to embedded DVRs.

"Lanner selected the Stretch S6000 processor family because of its inherent scalability, flexibility and performance," said Tim Chen, Lanner’s senior vice president, product development division. "Video platforms built on the Stretch S6000 family, such as the VN-3032 32-channel full D1 NVR, introduce a new combination of compression, video quality, and network performance for a wide range of network video and surveillance solutions."

Lanner’s new generation of video surveillance products enabled by Stretch includes:

• VC-448DX 4-Channel H.264 encoding card
• VC-8016 16-channel H.264 encoding card
• VM-8016 16-channel H.264 encoding PC motherboard
• VN-2016 16-channel H.264 NVR
• VN-3032 32 channel H.264 NVR

The new network video platforms from Lanner utilize Stretch S6000 processors and Intelligent Encoder software to encode and store H.264 video with the highest possible video quality. Supporting full NTSC and PAL formats, these video platforms take analog video signals and simultaneously encode them to H.264 digital format. The Lanner VN-3032 is the first network video platform to simultaneously capture, encode, store and transmit 32-channels of full D1 H.264 video.

For more information on the Lanner VN-3032, please visit the Lanner website at: