Frost & Sullivan to host GIL 2010 conference

'Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership' event to take place in London

LONDON – 13 April, 2010 – In light of today’s rapidly changing competitive landscape, Frost & Sullivan recognises the need for companies to build a solid vision and strategy to drive growth. At its 2010 Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership event, a myriad of industry Think Tanks will delve into examining global market opportunities, insights, and growth objectives focused on developing a visionary perspective with an eye toward the future. Through candid discussions, collaboration, and brainstorming, industry leaders, visionaries and thought leaders from around the world will convene to gain a deeper understanding of current trends and challenges facing their industries over the next decade. Experts across various industries will provide the required competitive intelligence that empowers leaders to stay ahead of the curve by generating and implementing practical, innovative solutions.

Frost & Sullivan’s Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership conference will take place on May 17-19, 2010 at the Emirates Stadium in London. According to Chairman David Frigstad, individuals "are not simply just attending GIL, they’re experiencing GIL." GIL 2010: Europe offers a valuable experience as it brings together a global network of today’s best thinkers, visionaries, and thought leaders to deliver fresh perspectives. The specific industry Think Tanks sessions, career track sessions and several panels will help attendants uncover new opportunities for growth.

GIL 2010: Europe’s Industry tracks present a truly global, well-rounded experience by covering all markets and industries.

The Building Technology & Security think tank will cover how developments in information technology and increased technology performance are driving the convergence of products, systems and competitors as organisations aspire to deliver a more integrated solution. Panellists included are from IBM Global Technologies Services and Securitas Direct.

In the Industrial Automation industry, staying on top of one’s game means an optimal mix of focus on factors such as: green engineering, evolution of industrial wireless, SMART architecture, sustainable habitats, and synergy of manufacturing value chains. All of these factors are creating a "Factory of the Future" which requires a comprehensive understanding of technology development, environmental and regulatory aspects, and geo-political implications. Esteemed panellists from Intel Embedded and Communications Group and ESAB will advise participants on becoming "game changers."

The Aerospace & Defence think tank will focus on global opportunities in Defence & Security, specifically examining challenges spinning off from UN operations, the expanding role of the EDA, the expected re-emergence and push to formalise Anglo-French Defence-industrial cooperation in practical ways that could affect procurement, and the future impact of the Lisbon treaty. Speakers and panellists include European Defence Agency, IFS, PSL (Partnership Sourcing Ltd) and representatives from the European Commission

The Automotive & Transportation track will address how the Electric Vehicles market is expected to change the landscape of the automotive world and its related industries. Everything from the design of vehicles, sourcing of components, packaging and production of vehicles right through to channels to market and the fuelling of vehicles will be transformed.

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