Iscon introduces GameChangeIR handheld infrared scanner

WOBURN, MA, April, 9, 2010 –- With loss prevention becoming an ever costly concern for retail establishments as well as corporations, the new Iscon GameChangeIR could significantly reduce all types of hidden theft of objects.

The Iscon GameChangeIR uses patented Thermal-Boosted Infrared Detection System that only shows objects under clothing without any harmful radiation. It will reveal the thermal imprint of any material -- plastic, paper, wood, ceramics as well as metal. But it will not scan under clothing, so there are no privacy issues. However, it is more effective than an X-Ray machine detecting objects hidden in "sensitive" hiding places.

"The days of the in-store 'pat down' are numbered thanks to this next generation imaging and detection system that creates a temperature differential between clothes and a hidden object," explains founder and President, Izrail Gorian. "The GameChangeIR folds up into a suitcase and can be deployed at different locations to add an important random element to an organization’s security strategy, while keeping its costs low."

The GameChangeIR consists of an imaging display terminal as well as the specially designed hand-held infrared scanner and platform people stand on to be checked. The device uses standard AC power.

The patented, proprietary Iscon system is also available in a larger whole body scanner portal, Iscon 1000D, for use in commercial security areas. A complete scan and detection takes 30 seconds so people can quickly move through security areas.

"The GameChangeIR simply automates the intrusive, time consuming pat-down should someone come under suspicion," Gorian explains. It is easy to deploy and can be operated with minimal training.