Mitsubishi Digital Electronics releases DX-TL5716U DVR

IRVINE, Calif. — September 27, 2010 —Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America today introduced its latest 16-channel DVRs, available with one or two-terabyte capacities.

The new DX-TL5716U uses an upgraded graphic user interface menu that offers optimum clarity and convenience, making it one of the most user-friendly DVRs on the market. Equipped with a “one touch copy” feature, users can easily and quickly copy images to a CD/DVD or to a USB drive. With its 480 frame-per-second record speed, the DX-TL5716U boasts one of the fastest record rates in the industry.

"The DX-TL5716U sets the standard for high performance and energy efficiency in a DVR," said Jeff Kiuchi, security market product specialist, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Security Products Division. "Consuming only about 50 watts of power during normal record mode, power consumption is much lower than many competitive DVRs in the market."

The DX-TL5716U also features a "sleep mode" function that automatically powers down a second hard drive when it’s not in use - a feature that conserves energy, minimizes heat dispersion and prolongs the life of the drive.

"The low power consumption of the new DVR allows users to save money on energy bills," continued Kiuchi. "Those attributes, coupled with the robust feature sets and the industry-leading five-year warranty make this DVR one of the best deals on the market."