Texas school district utilizes OnSSI video management solution

Beaumont schools install over 900 IP cams at more than a dozen remote sites

Pearl River, NY (November 11, 2008) – The Beaumont Independent School District incorporates more than 30 K-12 schools housing nearly 20 thousand students, in addition to several administration buildings. To keep track of activities during and after school hours, deter criminal activity and insure safety and security for pupils and staff, Beaumont implemented a new IP-based video surveillance system powered by the advanced video control and management solution from On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI), the market leader in intelligent, open architecture IP-based video surveillance software solutions.

Greg Schumacher, Senior Network & Programming Administrator for the Beaumont School District, investigated several video surveillance options to address immediate areas of concern with an eye on expanding whichever system they selected to cover all of the district’s facilities. After having initially deployed black and white analog cameras with the intent of moving them from location to location to address specific issues, the district found this laborious task too difficult to maintain. With guidance from security systems integrator Micro Integration, they switched to a basic IP video system using web browsers to access and control a small array of cameras. The system proved its value quickly by helping school officials and the police department quickly identify and apprehend suspects. Most importantly, incidents at the maintenance department quickly subsided once the word got out that the premises were under constant video surveillance.

The three High Schools in the Beaumont Independent School District required a more elaborate video surveillance control and management platform to tie the satellite video surveillance systems together from the three remote locations. Micro Integration recommended a comprehensive video control and management software solution from OnSSI that integrates camera control functions, NVR, virtual matrix, intelligent video delivery and content analysis in one software platform.

"When we first started looking at various IP video surveillance control solutions on the market, it was quite overwhelming," said Tommy Glenn, Senior Consultant – Security at Micro Integration. However, once we started to narrow down the offerings, it became apparent that one solution stood out above the rest – OnSSI. When evaluating the ability to customize the user experience, while still keeping the system very intuitive, no company’s product matched the ability of OnSSI. Now we have templates and standards built using OnSSI’s solution that we use on various projects. Our installation times are shorter and the customer receives a premier solution with open architecture so they are not locked into any manufacturers’ cameras."

With the new IP video system in place, the number of disciplinary actions at the High School dropped dramatically. Cameras were then placed in Middle Schools with similar results. A total of 600 IP cameras have been added to the system to date at ten schools with the goal of installing up to 900 cameras once construction on new facilities is completed.

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