Texas school district utilizes OnSSI video management solution

Beaumont schools install over 900 IP cams at more than a dozen remote sites

To facilitate monitoring operations, cameras are accessed and controlled using the OnSSI solution with map overlays of the city that display all the schools/locations. The system is hosted on multiple servers custom built by Micro Integration at multiple sites and integrated. Beaumont Schools IP video surveillance system shares a centralized network backbone with the district’s IT system but is partitioned to assure uninterrupted operation and added network security. The cameras streaming to the servers require significant bandwidth on the district’s 1Gbps Ethernet network, so each of the satellite systems run independently on their own backbones and are then tied together on a WAN that feeds into OnSSI’s solution. This distributed architecture greatly helps conserve bandwidth utilization according to Mr. Schumacher.

The satellite systems are integrated so they can be viewed from various locations including principals’ offices and directly at the police department. Principals can only see their own schools while the police have access to every camera in the system. Mr. Schumacher and the IT staff have control over all system programming and functions along with Micro Integration.

"The OnSSI video surveillance control and management solution allows us to easily export data from anywhere on the network and send it anyplace we want in any format," said Mr. Schumacher. "It’s very efficient and easy to use, as are the control functions for PTZ cameras allowing even novices to operate them. As we continue to expand the video surveillance system here at the Beaumont Independent School District, OnSSI’s video control and management solution continues to exceed our expectations."

"The Beaumont installation is a real showcase for the capabilities of OnSSI's video surveillance control and management solution," said Gadi Piran, President and CTO of OnSSI. "We are extremely pleased to have such an integral role in the protection of students, staff and visitors across the school system."

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