Silent Knight launches Farenhyt fire alarm control panels

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. -- Silent Knight, part of Honeywell's Life Safety Group, and a provider of industry-wide compatible fire alarm solutions for small to mid-size institutions and commercial sites, announces its updated Farenhyt IFP-100VIP and IFP-1000VIP (Voice Integration Panel) fire alarm control panels.

The Farenhyt IFP-100VIP and IFP-1000VIP now conform to the testing requirements of UL 9th edition standards, as well as offer enhanced features and benefits. These products offer all of the features of Silent Knight's well-known addressable fire alarm control panels, in addition to the added convenience and utility of a voice evacuation system. This all-in-one product has onboard support for over 100 addressable devices and can be expanded to support up to 1016 addressable devices, allowing expansion of the system because of future requirements. Addressable devices allow the user to determine precisely which device has been activated and/or needs attention. It also uses a distributed amplification scheme to enable power sources to be linked directly to appropriate areas of evacuation, rather than having to institute a complex wiring system.

The panels feature single button reset and silence functions, a built-in digital communicator, a programmable zone or point reporting capability, an enhanced user interface, an integrated dead- front cabinet, a powerful 6 amp 24vde power supply and programming capability from the on-board user interface or via the SKSS PC-based programming software.

Silent Knight is part of the Honeywell life safety group, an industry leader in providing commercial fire alarms, advanced detection and notification products, and home patient remote tracking.