Security Instruction DVDs releases new video for door staff

'Stop it on the Door' part of new Professional Doorman series

“We cannot replace on-the-job training but what we can do is give someone, who is considering standing on a door for the first time, an insight into some simple techniques they can use to deal with refusing a group or an angry patron. So when they do stand on the door for the first time, they are perhaps a little better prepared than I was, than we all were, and perhaps prevent them from making some of the same mistakes we made.”

Mark admitted he was delighted and surprised by some of the rave reviews and kind wishes the DVD has received from security professionals around the globe. “You know when someone like Geoff Thompson says what he said about the DVD, well, it just leaves you speechless. He was the only one, when I started on doors, who had published anything about door work. He is an icon, a true legend from the industry. The feedback from him and everyone else has been humbling, it really has.”

When asked about what the future held, Mark said, “We are already in the process of making the second and third DVDs. The next DVD in the series is a continuation of Stop it on the Door – we continue some of the themes discussed in the first DVD as well as introducing some new ideas, and the third DVD in the series examines eviction techniques.”

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