Flir to debut color night vision cameras at ASIS

Portland, OR – September 27, 2010 – FLIR Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal security cameras, launched its new line of Color Night Vision IP security cameras. Color Night Vision cameras provide high-quality color video in lighting conditions from full daylight to starlight, without the need for additional illumination.

FLIR’s Color Night Vision cameras provide valuable visual details that help security professionals identify people, vehicles, and other objects around the clock, making them the perfect complement to FLIR’s thermal security cameras. Integrating both technologies into an IP video security system creates a 24/7 visual security coverage umbrella that has never been possible before.

By extending color imaging to 24-hour operation, FLIR gives security professionals a more effective video security system, generating full-color imagery in lighting conditions that would render traditional CCD-TV cameras useless. Because they don’t need auxiliary lighting, facilities can realize significant cost savings and reduced light pollution.

Built around an advanced EMCCD (electron multiplied CCD) imaging core, FLIR’s Color Night Vision cameras deliver exceptional image quality in light levels from bright sunlight to dark starlight conditions. The cameras feature proprietary image processing algorithms to bring out hidden image details, even in the most difficult imaging conditions.

Designed to survive demanding environmental situations, Color Night Vision cameras are available in fixed-site cameras, and as a secondary payload on FLIR’s PT-Series of pan/tilt thermal security cameras. Both configurations output both digital and analog video simultaneously, and use open IP protocols for easy integration.

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