City of Ursus lowers crime IP video surveillance

Polish suburb deploys Milestone VMS solution to manage 300 network cameras

Expandable flexibility

Based on a central Milestone application implemented in Ursus (the system owner is the Warsaw City Hall), local surveillance "islands" were built. They cover the nurseries, schools, other community facilities and public buildings. They are then linked to the municipal monitoring system, managed from the central location and shared with other users, such as the municipal police. It is planned to link the Ursus survellance system to the Warsaw-wide municipal monitoring system.

"Milestone software is perfectly suited for such integration, as it is compatible with cameras by various vendors, including the analog ones that have already been installed in the Warsaw area," says Waldemar Szylar, the Board Director of Mirare, the company responsible for the implementation of Milestone XProtect. "Through its open platform design, Milestone is very flexible. It is possible to enhance the video monitoring system by adding analytics software with new features, such as people counting, detection of abandoned luggage, or automatic identification of road traffic offences like parking or moving violations."