Senator Menendez continues to push for 100 percent cargo screening

Senator sends letter to DHS Secretary Napolitano to support 100 percent scanning

These security vulnerabilities did not appear overnight and there will be no shortcut to fully securing our Nation's ports. But as daunting as the task is before us, the consequences of inaction are unimaginable. That is why I hope to work with you to ensure DHS has all the resources it needs to do everything possible to meet this 2012 deadline and fully secure our ports.

If we simply resign ourselves to failure and refuse to take steps toward our ultimate goal out of the fear that the road ahead is too long and arduous, then we will never be capable of scanning all container ships, regardless of how far the deadline is from now.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to working with you to ensure that all containers entering the U.S. are scanned in order to protect the American people from possible future attack.



United States Senator

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