DVTel joins ONVIF

Ridgefield Park, NJ, June 18, 2009 -- DVTel, Inc., multiple award-winning market leader in the development and delivery of intelligent security solutions over IP networks, today announced that it has joined ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) in support of the company’s long-standing efforts to promote the importance of standards within the physical security market.

DVTel has been committed to open standards since the company’s founding, providing an open platform, IP-based physical security solutions to the market as early as 2001. Today, DVTel has the largest number of end-to-end IP-based physical security solutions installed worldwide. As a leader in providing both IP cameras and networked video management solutions, DVTel’s leadership has been watching the progress of ONVIF and the company understands that it is important to join both to support the endeavor and to provide useful feedback based on a decade of rich, real-market experience.

ONVIF’s mission is the adoption of network video in the security market. The ONVIF specification will ensure interoperability between network video products regardless of who manufacturers the product or software. The cornerstones governing ONVIF’s work are:

  • Standardization of communication between network video devices
  • Interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer
  • Open to all companies and organizations

“DVTel has been promoting the efforts of ONVIF behind the scenes since the organization was announced,” says Eli Gorovici, President and CEO of DVTel. “We feel the time has come for us to participate in a more active role given our experience and we welcome the opportunity to do so. DVTel is dedicated to supporting ONVIF through our open standards IP platform and extended line of IP cameras. At DVTel, we strongly believe that standardization is the future of both networked video and IP-based physical security.”