Software House launches C·CURE 9000

Anaheim, CA — September 21, 2009 —Software House, a Tyco International Company, announced today that it has added significant security features to C·CURE 9000, moving it to a new level as a true enterprise solution. These new features not only provide continuity for existing C·CURE 9000 customers but also present a greatly anticipated migration opportunity for C·CURE 800/8000 customers wishing to transition to C•CURE 9000. The new version also provides customers with the convenience of managing C•CURE 9000 via a web browser and integration with the new iSTAR Edge IP door controller.

C•CURE 9000 v1.92 enhances security with area control, anti-passback, intrusion zones, and keypad commands:

• Area control and anti-passback help prevent authorized personnel from passing back a card to another unauthorized person.
• Intrusion zones give customers the ability to delineate a physical area monitored for alarms by defining groups of doors and inputs on the same door controller.
• Keypad commands work in conjunction with intrusion zones by activating events with a sequence of keys on a keypad. For example, a duress call can be initiated at a particular zone when a user keys in “111” on the keypad.

“By developing C•CURE 9000 with a Microsoft .NET framework, we were focused on creating a solid foundation on which to build, adding new and necessary features over time”, said Warren Brown, director of product management for Software House technologies. “With C•CURE 9000 v1.92, we have not only kept true to our commitment of delivering key access control features with each new version but have included network-based applications to bring our customers to a whole new level in security and in business”.

C•CURE 9000 v1.92 includes remote web capabilities with C•CURE 9000 Web Client, allowing customers to manage personnel records, display dynamic views, and monitor system activity from any computer with access to a web browser. In addition, the latest version of C•CURE 9000 offers powerful integration with iSTAR Edge, a host-independent intelligent two-reader IP edge controller with an optional PoE plug-in module.

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