NextAlarm celebrates ten years of business

OJAI, Calif., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- NextAlarm Monitoring Services, Inc. today announced its achievement of two significant milestones. The company offers monitoring of security and fire alarm systems. Subscribers can use a newly installed alarm system, or one that was previously installed and monitored by another firm. NextAlarm has also developed and patented a number of technologies focused on enhancing the functionality of previously installed systems.

The significant milestones include the company's oldest customer account passing the ten-year mark. Additionally, NextAlarm's servers have recently processed their one hundred millionth alarm signal.

Founded in the year 2000, NextAlarm began with a service offering home security alarm monitoring to home and small business owners. Today, the company continues to maintain a large base of customers across the United States and Canada, in addition to forming partnerships with resellers, alarm central stations, and related service providers. These partners utilize NextAlarm technology to offer security services to a wide range of markets traditionally inaccessible to the industry, such as rented homes and locations without phone lines. The NextAlarm business model allows consumers to obtain alarm monitoring at prices much lower than those typically offered by competitors.

NextAlarm is known as an innovator in accessing and extending the life of the 40 million alarm systems currently installed in homes and businesses in the United States alone. Chief among NextAlarm's technologies is the Alarm Broadband Network (ABN), which allows systems designed for communication over standard telephone lines to instead send signals over broadband Internet. NextAlarm also offers a suite of enhanced notification features, such as SMS and email, and has recently launched NextView, a video surveillance product that employs a buffer to show users the moments leading up to an alarm, as well as what occurs after.

The company began measuring its volume of alarm signals in 2003. In 2004, NextAlarm processed 848,903 signals, including maintenance alerts, test signals, notifications of systems armed and disarmed, and emergency alerts such as burglaries. In 2010, signal traffic exceeds this number every week. On September 6, the company processed its one hundred millionth reported event. In another milestone, NextAlarm has identified its first customer who has used the service for ten years. The Texas resident was one of the company's first subscribers, and still regularly logs into NextAlarm's website to check system activity.

"Both of these milestones reflect our stability," said Alex Elliot, Chief Executive Officer. "We've shown consistent growth with a minimum of overhead, and we've been working on and perfecting our techniques for converting the huge install base out there into paying accounts. The company is in the final stages of an expansion capital raise, and I believe NextAlarm will expand into a major player very quickly."